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They are more threatening to Facebook than almost any other body in the world. But they then get to follow them up, and it leads to answers that are quite profound and important. The answers have been profound and important. Though the report makes clear that it is some of the answers the committee has not received that have been even more so.

Collins admits that he and the committee had no idea that they would find themselves in the eye of a global political and media storm. Fake news suddenly became this gateway into this world that all of a sudden started to tumble down around us.

Yoga Retreats | Yoga & Meditation Retreats | YogaWorks

At every step of the way. Today he tells the Observer that Britain needs its own Robert Mueller to look into Russian interference. And we know that the FBI is investigating and is calling on our evidence. We need to know that this is being taken equally seriously in Britain. We really do need a statement from the government now. We need reassurance of what investigations there are and that this is being properly looked at.

Facebook, its moral and ethical failings, its refusal to answer questions and take responsibility, are at the centre of the report. These are what, until now, we have been calling fake news, a term that the committee rejects. Vote Leave, by extension, won the referendum by running a disinformation campaign. Cummings retaliated. In classic Cummings fashion. Their time of unfettered free-range access over all aspects of our lives is over. Topics Brexit The Observer. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Medical, prosecution and judicial experts explore the dynamics of elder abuse and highlight individual and systemic barriers to effective remedies for victims.

Practitioners in the justice system will discover how specific tools can improve access to justice and enhance outcomes for older victims of abuse. The course units include a mix of expert presentations and discussions, video clips, interactive exercises and supplemental resources, Read news release. NCACvtc includes live and archived webinars and recorded trainings.

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Serving Our Veterans Behavioral Health Certificate — designed to train civilian behavioral health and primary care providers, on military orientation and specific issues affecting veterans and their families. It offers 14 self-directed, self-paced online courses that provide the latest clinical guidelines from the Department of Defense; demonstrate applicable knowledge and skills through real-life examples; and emphasize cultural sensitivities to ensure clinical competency.

You will find exclusive content to help you gain the necessary skills to make lasting and meaningful change in your community. In addition, you will have access to all of the standard content from the Community catalog. National Institute of Corrections. The course walks viewers through English translations, phonetic spellings and pronunciations of Spanish words in situations involving interviews, crime scenes, motor vehicles and domestic violence.

Multimedia — audio recordings and transcripts from seminars, webinars and interviews addressing a variety of issues, sponsored by the National Institute of Justice. National Judicial Education Program Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse — Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases — this website provides current interdisciplinary research from law, medicine and the social sciences that is applicable to judicial decision-making and case management.

This site can be treated as a course or a resource to be consulted as needed. Domestic VIolence: Understanding the Basics — this 1 hour interactive eLearning module describes the dynamics and common tactics that characterize domestic violence, provides an overview of the scope and impact on individuals and society, explores the underlying factors that allow domestic violence to exist, offers insight into the various risks and choices that survivors face, and shares how to be part of the solution.

Divided into 10 sections addressing common questions related to domestic violence, this course will help new advocates, allied professionals, students, and the general public achieve a basic understanding of this complex issue. National Sexual Violence Resource Center and Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape Online Learning Campus — aims to provide a variety of eLearning modules to educate and support you in your efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

One Caring Adult , a new course added to the Online Learning Campus that trains educators on how to do just that. Bringing Hope: Responding to Disclosures of Child Sexual Abuse — in this course, victim service professionals will learn how to describe types of sexually abusive behavior, review practical skills for listening to a disclosure of child sexual abuse, and identify the three guiding principles for responding to a disclosure, These courses contain sample data for practice, and users can pause, review, and revisit any portion of the courses , Watch brief video overview.

Evaluating Sexual Violence Prevention Programs: Steps and Strategies for Preventionists — walks the user through the basics of evaluating the impact of sexual violence prevention programs, From Approach to Practice: Improving outcomes for children after sexual abuse — in this course, victim service professionals will review trauma-informed practices for working with children surviving sexual abuse, learn role-specific recommendations for working with these children, and identify new ideas for collaborating with other professionals, Maturing Your Services: Advocating for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Later Life — this interactive online course is designed to increase advocates' and other victim service professionals' capacity for serving victims of sexual violence in later life.

Reporting on Sexual Violence , Poynter Institute — this course provides information for journalists on understanding sexual violence, including explanations about the differences between prevention and risk reduction. It offers tools and guidelines for interviewing sexual violence survivors, using video, photography and other visuals in news media and avoiding predictable or potentially harmful coverage, Sexual Violence in Disasters.

Building Community Partnerships for Pre-Disaster Planning — this online course discusses the importance of planning for sexual violence prevention and response before a disaster, and highlights guiding strategies and key community partners in the pre-disaster planning process, Developing a Plan for Sexual Violence Prevention and Response — this online course is designed to assist local and state sexual violence preventionists, victim advocates and their community partners in creating pre-disaster plans for their organizations and communities. It highlights four core components of a pre-disaster plan to help organizations recover quickly and continue to provide vital services in a disaster, Understanding the Scope of the Problem — this interactive online course addresses the increased vulnerability to sexual violence that can occur during and after disasters.

Participants will learn about the connections between oppression, sexual violence and disasters. With case studies from Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, and examples from other recent calamities around the world, the module highlights the need for pre-planning to prevent and response to sexual in future disasters, Understanding National Rape Statistics , National Sheriffs' Association On-Demand Learning Center — explore these sessions to gain deeper insight into the trends shaping your industry.

Identity Theft Victim Assistance Online Training Supporting Victims' Financial and Emotional Recovery — a user-friendly e-learning tool that will teach victim service professionals and allied professionals knowledge and skills to more effectively serve victims of identity theft and assist with their financial and emotional recovery, The trainings provide attorneys across the country with the tools needed to increase their knowledge base about crime victim issues and increase their capacity to provide pro bono or no-cost legal representation to crime victims.

Polyvictimization in Later Life — a 6-hour web-based training presented in five modules. The purpose of the training is to strengthen awareness of polyvictimization in later life and to provide knowledge and skills of professionals to address the needs of victims. The training addresses the context of polyvictimization; victims and perpetrators of polyvictimization; best practices to work with older adults affected by polyvictimization using trauma-informed, ethical, and culturally appropriate practices; and the latest research and best practices to serve this population.

Victim Assistance Training Online — has been revised and updated with up-to-date information to help strengthen your knowledge and skills to assist victims of crime. This is a foundational Web-based victim assistance training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the essential skills and knowledge they need to more effectively assist victims of crime.

PreventConnect Campus Based on current research, experience and context, PreventConnect Campus addresses the prevention of sexual violence, domestic violence and dating violence on college and university campuses. PreventConnect Campus is part of PreventConnect , a national online community of prevention practitioners, and was developed as an online resource for practitioners working on campuses and community-based practitioners partnering with campuses,.

PreventConnect Campus offers a growing national community of campus prevention practitioners, web conferences, eLearning, podcasts and more. Comprehensive Prevention on Campus eLearning Module.

Sexual Assault Prevention on U. College Campuses: A National Scan. TheHuntingGroundTwitter chat to prepare for national screening. Your learning isn't confined to a particular day or time and you can discuss what you learn with prevention practitioners from anywhere. Introductory Courses. Being Smart about Statistics. Building Blocks of Prevention. Comprehensive Prevention Efforts. Introduction to Sexual Health. Intermediate Courses.

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Collaboration for Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention. Community Mobilization and Primary Prevention. Coordinating Prevention across Sexual and Domestic Violence. Integrated Evaluation for Program Improvement. Social Marketing as a Tool in Primary Prevention. Utilizing Youth as Prevention Volunteers. Advanced Courses. Through conversation, we hope to encourage everyone to share how each one of us has moved towards individual and collective action. Expert Testimony Training for the Prosecutor and Scientist.

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How to Be a Good Expert Witness. Learners practice and gain experience conducting a medical forensic exam and testifying at trial. The program also provides online and on-site learning for victim advocates, members of law enforcement, prosecutors and crime lab specialists. These learners practice and gain experience at investigating sexual assault crimes, assisting victims and prosecuting offenders. By participating in this program, SANE candidates and SART members take a significant step in improving care for sexual assault victims and obtaining victim-centered justice in their community.

They are awarded CEUs for successful completion. School Safety Advocacy Council Online School Safety Training Academy — this course is designed to provide the newer school based law enforcement officer with insight and skills for functioning in the educational setting. Our staff is aware that no police academy in the country prepares an officer for the unique assignment of school based policing. The State University of New York Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Online Training — an online training system to assist colleges and universities in training students in prevention of sexual, interpersonal and related violence.

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This training provides guidance on how to take a public health approach to bullying prevention through the use of long-term, community-wide prevention strategies. Take the course, earn continuing education credit and make a difference today! Explain the dangers of strangulation. Recognize the various signs and symptoms of strangulation. Apply victim interview questions to your investigation of strangulation.

Identify and implement the actions to help a strangulation victim. Tribal Forensic Healthcare Through online and live courses, clinical training and webinars , TFH delivers training related to the identification, collection, and preservation of medical forensic evidence obtained during the treatment of victims of sexual and domestic violence. These trainings allow medical professionals to acquire and maintain the knowledge, skills, and competent clinical forensic practice to improve the response to domestic and sexual violence in hospitals, health clinics, and health stations within the Indian health system.

Both courses are basic-level grants financial management courses. The topics are broken out into separate modules, with the overall course taking as much as 16 - 20 hours to complete. Once you have completed the overall registration process, you may select the appropriate training course and begin taking each module in order at your own pace.


You will have 1 full year from the initial registration date to complete an entire course. Each course module is followed by several review questions to test your comprehension of the course material just covered. You are welcome to review each module and complete each set of review questions until you are satisfied you have mastered the topic. The results of your review quizzes do not impact your chances of passing the overall course. Please remember that you can also refer to the appropriate DOJ Financial Guide at any time while you are taking one of the courses.

We have also included additional case study questions that will allow you to explore the content more thoroughly. We hope you find this document useful for your work and that you continue to share your experiences using these tools with us at UNFPA. University of Florida Forensic Science Programs — provides online master's degrees, certificates and continuing education courses in the forensic sciences. Utah Domestic Violence Coalition The Basics of Domestic Violence — a four-hour web-based training course designed to explore the complex issue of domestic violence as it affects women, men, and children.

Participants learn about power and control in relationships, the cycle of violence, barriers to leaving, and working with victims from diverse populations.

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Volunteers in Police Service Building Blocks of a Law Enforcement Volunteer Program — this online introductory course teaches participants how to implement a volunteer program within a law enforcement agency. You will come away with a greater understanding of the importance of program infrastructure, recruitment, selection and management, training, recognition, and assessment. The rationale behind the course, the history of the university course and all the details needed are available under the link above.

In addition, information has been included from death investigation texts, handbooks, and other resource. The content primarily focuses on scene procedures, collection of information, and the various causes, mechanisms, and manners of death. The course is especially written for medicolegal death investigators, crime scene investigators, and law enforcement personnel. Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Prevention Course — this course presents an evidence-based pubic health and life-course approach to preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women.

It provides an overview of the scale of the problem, its consequences and costs, risk and protective factors for intimate partner and sexual violence, and the importance of intimate partner and sexual violence primary prevention strategies. Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability Short Courses — short courses provide a complete training resource, each addressing a specific injury or violence area.

They have been designed to provide facilitators around the world with everything they need to conduct a short court of days on various topics.