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These are the just first 50 that came to me.

business, business success - 50 Ways to Save Money in Your Business

I generated these in a single sitting. As I began, I was convinced it would be hard to come up with As I finished, I realized I could probably continue on to and past with no problem. Try the following:. On Your Own : Put this list aside for at least an hour, so that you are not overly influenced by it, and then make some time to create a list of your own.

As you do, think about the activities that seem to contribute most to your own learning. How could you make these a more conscious, consistent part of your life? Think, also, of activities that are not as much a part of your learning habits. Are there ones you could experiment with increasing?

With A Group : Of co-workers. Of family.

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Of friends. Collaborate on creating a list like this using a white board or flip chart or some other medium that everyone can see. You could even use Padlet to do it digitally. As you post activities, have each member of the group comment occasionally provide examples of how they engage in a particular activity and how it contributes to their learning.

There must be 50 ways to find co-founders. To dig a bit deeper, however, I reached out to a huge group of successful entrepreneurs for their experiences. I received hundreds of replies.

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In no particular order, here are 50 of the best ways they told me they found a co-founder. It worked for the guys at Facebook , and so many others. They got to know each other when they roomed together in boarding school. Some people get started early. Switching gears, sometimes you just have to do the legwork. That's another common response. Then, they recruited their sister, Helenka.

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I can imagine this might work differently for different people, but a few talked about starting businesses with their mothers or fathers. Granted, this presents a chicken-and-egg problem if you're a first-time founder, but if it's an option, it's worth considering. There's probably no better person to launch with than someone you've started a company with before.

If you've worked together as employees, you might be able to work together as co-founders. Sometimes the business comes first, sometimes the romance. Two of the three co-founders of Skin Authority , Celeste and Ted Hilling are married now, but they first met years ago when he saved her from a guy who was hitting on her after she ran a marathon. Or else, there's Guesterly, whose husband-and-wife co-founders came up with their company idea while planning their wedding. If you're watching your competitors, you might find someone worth working with.

50 Ways Entrepreneurship Will Change Your Life

This is sort of the rage right now, with quite a number of founder "dating" sites, like FounderDating, Co-FoundersLab and several others. I've written about this before, but just because you didn't meet your co-founder during school doesn't mean you can't later meet him or her at a school-related event.

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Go to your reunions. Related to some of the other co-working suggestions, simply applying to a startup accelerator can lead to finding a co-founder. Oddly, I don't think any co-founders who contacted me cited meeting each other through religion. It might make sense, though; you probably have some shared values. I heard a lot of stories of former teammates working together. Similarly, Lucas Kovalcik and Tim Walsh met through a mutual friend in high school and grew a friendship based on a love of rock climbing.

Sam Hodges gave Alex Tonelli a black eye the first time they met, during a Dartmouth-Brown rugby match.

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Later, they ran into each other at business school at Stanford, started a chain of fitness centers and now run the U. This seems like the heart of networking. For example, co-founders David Donner Chait and Chris Davis lived miles away, but were introduced by a mutual friend and thought they were a perfect match. They launched an online travel planner called Travefy in London-based brothers Nick and Anthony von Christierson quit their finance jobs to build a parenting mobile app, but as unmarried entrepreneurs in their 20s without children, they knew they needed someone more established in the space.

They cold-called Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, a nationally recognized pediatrician, and convinced her to join their company, Baby Bundle , which launches next month.

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Art Booppanon walked up to Nick Warnock, who had been a contestant on The Apprentice , after a speaking engagement. Maybe even better than founder dating--why not team up with strangers and try to build a product or a company in a weekend? At least if you fail, you'll fail fast. Maybe you won't leave with a prize, but a partner. Co-founders Brian Estes and Nate McVicker, who came up with an app for police and school emergencies called Hero , told me they met in a Texas Hold'em tournament.

You didn't meet your ideal co-founder during college? Try taking another course in a relevant field, this time with your eyes open for someone great to work with. Who has your back like your siblings do?