Guide The Giveaway Formula: How to Use the Power of Internet Giveaway Offers to Build Your Email List

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So yeah, this prize is a pretty big deal. And Death Wish Coffee has you covered. Starting a business is one of the most energy-intensive things you can do. Your new Blinkist subscription will ensure that you can, too. Headspace, the revolutionary meditation app, will be a lifesaver as you launch your business. The app offers guided meditation for people of all experience levels. Will you be floating around the room with a smile on your face, perfectly at peace?

1. Self-Interest

Probably not. But the industry-leading app should at least help you keep your sanity while you build your brand. I will admit that I messed up a few times while mastering the giveaways The good news you don't have to learn the hard way. I've already made mistakes and learned the painful lessons so you don't have to. I took everything I learned and put it together in a special manual that is designed with the online marketer in mind.

Simply look up the stage you're in with your current giveaway You don't have to take the time to research what resources or tools you need , because I've already done it for you You don't need to spend your hard-earned money testing any of my giveaway strategies , because I've already spent my money and a lot of time to test every part of my giveaway event strategies.

You can focus on doing what you really love: running a giveaway event that makes a big difference for you and your contributors rather than the rigors of trying to build a mailing list over months or even years. But if you want to know exactly what you get with your copy, then How I discovered the most powerful list-building weapon in my arsenal Page 5. A never-revealed before secret on how I got JV Partners with practically zero effort Page The 1 mistake that rookie marketers make with their sign-up pages that hammers their conversion rates.

Don't worry How much bandwidth will you need? Just turn to page 13 for a simple trick to figure out fast The 1 thing you must check for every contributor Ignore this at your own peril! A simple mistake with your domain name that can sink your giveaway's chances before you even launch Autoresponder Secrets: What to put in your autoresponder system for customers, prospects, or JV partners.

My secret formula for building excitement for your event before it goes live Check it out on page 61! Super Ninja Tip! Turn to Page 30 fast and you'll discover how to avoid being mistakenly labeled a spammer by your members it happens more often than you would believe!

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Forget one and you'll need a case of aspirin for your massive headache! Does Ebay work for getting traffic to your site? It depends. Turn to page 33 for the latest scoop! An early mistake that rookies overlook Can you imagine if you ran your own Giveaway — took in hundreds of contributors — and forgot a critical step like getting the contributors to promote your giveaway to their house lists? It would be a complete disaster! Believe it or not, this is perhaps the biggest complaint I've heard from many Giveaway owners.

You'll rest easy at night knowing that you covered every angle when you set up your own giveaway event. You'll feel great knowing you just pulled your own giveaway off almost effortlessly. If you are motivated and want to quickly build a subscriber list of 2, or 10, or even 50, subscribers If you are willing to follow a strategic plan step-by-step and put it into action All you need to do is follow my Giveaway Riches system and you'll be on your way to success.

Giveaways have become very popular in the Internet marketing niche There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of niches that have never seen a giveaway event.

How to use KingSumo to run book giveaways and grow your email list to 10K quickly

The truth is, most niches don't have website owners with the marketing skills or expertise that you frequently see in the internet marketing niche. Many times, it's casual folks who decided to put up a website about their favorite hobby or decided to write an ebook to help other people. They rarely know much about online marketing, list building, or most of the skills that internet marketers take for granted.

When a skilled marketer enters that niche, they have a major advantage. They know how to market their business effectively. They have a full arsenal of marketing weapons to use. Think about it: You could launch a free giveaway in a brand-new niche and literally explode on the scene with a fresh hungry list while making money for you and your contributors at the same time!

Every niche you ran a free giveaway could give you a massive super targeted list.

14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast

You can use that list to quickly:. Easily land new JV deals because you have the massive list that every other marketer craves It's A Fact : Every smart business owner is trying to build a mailing list. For starters, it helps companies keep in touch with their customers and prospects. It opens the lock on future sales for years and years. It can take an ordinary business and lift it to exceptional new heights of prosperity. It takes a special key to unlock the lock of maximum profits and few people ever find it on their own.

Opportunity is knocking Isn't time you stepped forward and answered the door? But don't take my word for it. You could spend hundreds of dollars on training programs, manuals, and ebooks If you had exclusive access to this type of sensitive information, what price tag would you put on a manual that showed the exact steps to follow to build mailing lists of 10, or more hungry subscribers — in any online niche?

Think about it for a minute.

2. Converting visitors

In fact, I plan on raising the price very soon so I urge you to grab your copy before it's too late. As an organizer, you want to make sure that all your contributors know how to contribute in the best manner to your Giveaway event. So I've written this essential step-by-step guide to help your contributors set up their site properly for your giveaway event. Your contributors will thank you! Not sure what to write?

1. The cold sales follow up formula

No problem! You'll never need to worry what to write any more. Simply legally "swipe" the promotional emails straight from this ebook and start promoting to your lists straight away. I've even included a "swipeable" version of the Terms and Conditions Just use the versions included in the Swipe Files and just update your event details almost instantly!

A proven collection like this one has never been available before and will give you a powerful unique edge This manual could easily be a stand-alone product because it reveals my insider techniques to create, maintain, and profit with email marketing. This is the "must read" manual for every Internet marketer. If you aren't using these proven techniques then you may be losing a small fortune! This digital manual contains over pages of hardcore information and covers everything you need to know to build your lists and to rake in profits from handling them correctly.

Not anymore! This section contains more than 10 tech tutorial videos to ensure that you're comfortable with all things list-building. Learn how to create an on-brand opt-in box and super sexy opt-in landing pages in a matter of minutes. How to use social media scheduling tools to massively grow your list on autopilot with my special system. How to set up your very first webinar ALL the tech is covered and each tool is completely free! How to create a resource library, set up automations for your free email course, and MORE.

How to Build an Email List for Your YouTube Channel

I'm not new to online business, but I'd surrendered to the fact that list building was a painful, slow process until I enrolled in List Surge. My list is now growing in the double digits every day and the best part is that most of it is on autopilot thanks to Melyssa's strategies. List Surge worked! In spite of the fact that I am trying to reach a very niche group, within one month my email list doubled to 2, subscribers. Now, just a few months later, my list is approaching 4,!

List Surge is amazing and Melyssa is one of the best teachers out there! List Surge helped me understand how to grow my list faster than ever. I already got over subscribers! And now, I get around 10 to 30 subscribers every day. The best part is that it hasn't required a ridiculous amount of effort on my part.

I just post new content on my blog about once a week and use the strategies in the course, and it works like a charm! I've only implemented two of Melyssa's strategies so far, and my list is already in the triple digits as I'm writing this!

How to Build Your Email List Using Contests

I'm not super tech-savvy, but Melyssa's tech tutorials made it really easy to implement her strategies. Every video is packed with useful information. No fluff, just good stuff! List Surge combines my very best list-building strategies, which helped me skyrocket from 2, subscribers to over 60, subscribers in just 15 months.

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Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a day refund period for all of our programs - guaranteed. Please note that this guarantee is conditional based on your efforts because this course only works if you do! Click here to read our full Refund Policy. At this point, you might be feeling excited, knowing that List Surge will help you grow your list and community.

Not the case! Plenty of List Surge students are just getting started. No matter what your niche, you should have an email list even political candidates rely on their email lists to win elections!